“Jailed Because of the Mystery,” Col. 4:2

In early May Dotty and I made a trip to Eastern Wisconsin. On May 3 we got together with some saints in Racine, and had a wonderful time together. I shared some thoughts from the opening verses of Colossians 4, “Jailed Because of the Mystery.”

I hope this session will draw your heart to Jesus, Who is the Mystery . . . .



  1. Chuck Dieringer says

    Thank you, Jon! Very good! Paul was “jailed because of the mystery” because the Jews thought it to be detestable and appalling that Paul would preach that YHWH would indwell Gentiles via the Person of Jesus whom they rejected.

    I think it’s worth noting that the English word mystery has a bit different meaning than the Greek word mysterion. For the English word mystery we think of something incomprehensible or unattainable for our understanding. However, the Greek word mysterion refers to a hidden truth that is later revealed.

    As you rightly mentioned, God’s purposes to indwell a new humanity was His plan all along. It was a hidden truth throughout the entire Old Testament era that was later revealed in Christ. One member of the fellowship in the audio alluded to Genesis 2:24; Paul stated that Genesis 2:24 is a great mysterion, that the hidden truth of Genesis 2:24 is that Jesus left His abode with His Father to cleave to His Bride, and we and Jesus are made one! Praise the Lord!

    That Paul used the Jewish Scriptures to teach that their Jewish Messiah is indwelling Gentiles made the Jews so furious that he was imprisoned because of it. The Old Testament is entirely saturated with the mysterion that got Paul imprisoned!

  2. Thank you for recording this for us, Jon. So very good. It’s so amazing that this mystery is hidden in plain sight, and so few find it. Only God could do something like that. It takes faith – it’s almost too much to believe that God would choose to express himself through such frail vessels as us. But once we decide to believe it, God confirms it. Thanks again for sharing the riches of Christ with us.

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