In the evenings, Dotty and I are reading through Bob Emery’s “His Desire Is For Me: The Story of Solomon & the Shulammite — A 30-Day Devotional & Commentary on the Song of Solomon” (ISBN 9781935265771). In the book, He unfolds numerous parallels between the Song of Songs and Christ and his bride.

A few nights ago a statement in the narrative caught my attention —

“My hair was pulled high over my head, revealing my prominent cheekbones. Gazing at them, he commented tenderly, ‘Your cheeks are lovely, and your earrings set them aflame with fire.’

Then, looking at the strings of beads with which I had decorated my neck, he said, ‘Your neck, too, is lovely with strings of beads. But we will make for you ornaments of gold with beads of silver!’

His eyes went back to my own, and I realized that, although he had graciously complimented my adornments, they were not what drew him to me. He was looking at me — not the things I had donned to please him” (page 50).

Just as we should love Christ — and not the its and things about him — so Christ loves us as his people — not the things we do because we love him!

Many of you would really profit from this book! — Jon Zens

Dotty, Kaitlyn NC 2010


  1. Pieter Pretorius says

    On Valentine’s day I read from Song of songs to my wife, but from the perspective of Jesus speaking to us, his bride. It touched our hearts as we realised how deeply Jesus loves us (his bride).
    My wife has problems with her feet and she can almost only wear a certain type of sandle. Jesus says, “How beatiful your sandeled feet, O prince’s daughter!” (7:1) Every time I look at her feet in the snadles I am reminded of His love for us (his bride).

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