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In the evenings, Dotty and I are reading through Bob Emery's "His Desire Is For Me: The Story of Solomon & the Shulammite -- A 30-Day Devotional & Commentary on the Song of Solomon" (ISBN 9781935265771). In the book, He unfolds numerous parallels between the Song of Songs and Christ and his bride. A few nights ago a statement in the narrative caught my attention -- "My hair was pulled high over my head, revealing my prominent cheekbones. Gazing at them, he commented tenderly, 'Your … [Read more...]


WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP TO REALITY? The Nightmare of the Pastoral Institution

            Mark Galli of Christianity Today has given us another article in a string of many that candidly lays out some serious problems resident in the traditional one-pastor system (August 8, 2011, It is titled, “The Most Risky Profession: Why you need to pray desperately for your pastor.” Notice the near-fatal weaknesses Mark points out in the American … [Read more...]