CHRIST EXALTED (Kat Huff & Frank Viola)


by Kat Huff

More often than not, I find myself reaching, searching the heights, and my thoughts appear to fumble upon my tiny words, such minuscule and inadequate words. Even so, these mere words somehow seem to be a bit further than the scope of my present apprehension, so it is a great understatement to say, that with assured confidence that this unfathomable indwelling Christ transcends all theories, from the known impossibilities to the limits of all possible imaginations.

The increasing and living testimony of Christ, in His blessed heavenlies, reveals the Glory of His Life, Himself through and in us. The combined sphere of our hearts nearly explode at the hint of the unsurpassed excellence of God’s immeasurable Love in the glory of His exceeding grace — Jesus the Christ. And it is God’s glorious face of Grace who wept with us, walked with us, ate with us, and became “like one of us.” Yet, He is The Beginning and The End in the same, one existing breath, occurring together at once. What is in the beginning is also in the End. And, what is in the End is also in the Beginning. In divine accordance with the existing pleasure of God in His Son, the ending and the beginning are one perfected whole, consummated in the totality of ultimate completion and the heavenly manifestation of Christ in the fullness of the glory of God. And yet, at this very moment, this incomprehensible Christ of Love’s glory and unconstrained ever-Life lives inside of us.;

DeVern Fromke

In a similar vein, Frank Viola recently pointed out to his blog-readers the Christ-exalting nature of DeVern Fromke’s writings. DeVern was a pioneer in unveiling God’s eternal purpose in Christ. I read Ultimate Intention around 1980, and it had a huge impact on my vision of Christ. You would do well to obtain anything written by this author!

Here are some prime excerpts from Ultimate Intention to whet your appetite.

It is imperative to recognize that the Father has purposed at least three things FOR HIS SON. Let us see the several phrases which, when pieced together, give us the full picture of this intention.


Paul speaks of “my knowledge in the mystery of Christ” (Eph. 3:4). What was that mystery? It was that the Son might have a corporate Body through which to express Himself. It is this mystery of Christ in you—the means by which God’s glory shall be manifest in every believer. (Col. 1:27).


Again, it is the Father’s intention that His Son shall be the Head of this Body, the altogether pre-eminent One who expresses not only Himself, but the fulness of the Godhead. Thus the Father and the Holy Spirit also are revealed and expressed throughout the whole universe by the lives of His many sons. (Col. 1:18).


Further, the Father has intended to make Him (the Son) to be the center and gathering point for all things in heaven and earth—”to sum up all things in Christ” (Eph. 1:10). All things were not only created “by Him,” but “FOR HIM” (Col. 1:16).


What a glorious unveiling—almost beyond our comprehension. To think that the Father hath purposed in Himself to make Christ the center of His working. The altogether lovely One, His Son, is to have the pre-eminence.

Jon Zens

Ultimate Intention by Devern Fromke


  1. Jon,
    “The Ultimate Intention” by DeVern Fromke is one of the greatest books that I have ever read. And, thanks for picking up, ‘Yet.’

  2. I read Fromke’s book, “THE ULTIMATE INTENTION’ and was profoundly disappointed. Having read the positive reviews here on this blog, and seeing Frank Viola’s recommendation on his site I was looking forward to a good read. Our views of the Father, and of his ways are very different. I don’t see the Lord having alternate plans, ever. Nothing catches Him off guard. The fall of our earthly parents in eden did not bring in some sort of alternate plan. The Lamb was slain “from the foundation of the world”, and in God’s purpose all His glorious attributes would shine brightest in the event of the cross. God fully intended the cross to take place, in every sense of the word “intend”. The mystery spoken of in Ephesians and elsewhere was that the Messiah would inhabit his people, his temple, his house, his booth, his family. The mystery was not some supposed higher plan that was thwarted by man’s free will in the garden.

    • James, thanks for your comments, but I think you are missing Fromke’s points. The parts that concern you are looking at things from the human perspective. Fromke would hold that God’s purposes in Christ are firm, and not subject to the caprices of humans.

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