2016 Travel Itinerary

for Jon & Dotty Zens

Please contact Jon at or at 715-338-2796 for further information about the 2016 venues listed below.

April 2 – 8
Jon & Dotty will be in the Northern California area. April 3-4 Jon and Milt Rodriguez will be speaking at the Infusion NorCal gathering in Sonoma.

April 22 – May 2 (NEW)

Dotty and Jon will be doing 14 sessions with the fellowship in Wellsville NY. If you have any interest in attending, please contact Jon at or at 715-338-2796 for details.

June 23-26
The Searching Together Gathering in Elgin, IL.  It is a wonderful time to gather around our Lord in fellowship with others.

It is $125/per person for three nights of lodging, three breakfasts and a dinner. It is held at the facilities of International Teams, 411 W. River Rd, Elgin IL.

Everyone has immensely enjoyed this venue. Attendees stay in a “unit” with others, which consists of 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen, dining area & living room area. So we use multiple “units” for our conference.

Time will be given for fellowship and networking. We don’t invite (or pay for) anybody to speak. It is “open” in the sense that if someone has something to share, they can present what’s on their heart. We just ask that they let us know what they’d like to speak about.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask—but we hope this info will serve the purpose of basic information.

To register, please contact Jon @

Click here for the Facebook Event Page.

August 6 – 9
Dallas, TX


Phone: 715-338-2796

Searching Together
P O Box 548
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024-0548

Jon Zens on YouTube
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  1. James Paul says:

    Hi, Jon! During our recent phone correspondence, you told me to visit searchingtogether for upcoming conference dates in the Chicago area. I went to the website, but all I found were events held in 2015. Did I miss something, brother?

  2. James Sisk says:

    Hi John,

    Will you be posting events for 2016?


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