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Shocking Beliefs of Jonathan Edwards

My good friend Frank Viola is doing an interesting new series called "Shocking Beliefs of ..." His purpose is to show that the great Christians of the past all had blind spots, and we shouldn't throw out their entire contribution just because some of their views were flawed. We all have flawed views in some areas and we are all growing in our knowledge and understanding. His first post in the series was on the shocking beliefs of C.S. Lewis. Recently, he wrote another post on the … [Read more...]



Jesus loves a free atmosphere where He can flow through His people with no hindrances. Amazing revelations happen in an open, Spirit-led gathering. This happened to us recently on a Sunday morning when we were eating together and remembering the Lord. Our sweet time together shifted gears suddenly. We each had sipped some wine from the pewter goblet. Dale picked it up, poured some wine out onto the table, and said with conviction, "His crucifixion was not neat, it was very messy." We were all … [Read more...]