22nd Searching Together Gathering – July 15-18, Dodgeville, WI

ST Friends,

We trust you are all doing well in the Lord!

The 22nd Searching Together Gathering is coming up July 15-18, 2021, at the Bethel Horizons Camp, Dodgeville WI (40 miles west of Madison, WI). A hearty welcome is extended to you and your family to attend what could be called an “unconference.”

We had 31 come to last year’s gathering, a year that was a season of challenge for our culture. Here is Mark Evans’ summary of our wonderful time together.

Finding the Source

Who’s In Charge?

Paul wrote that Christ is the Head of His body, the ecclesia. Even though this statement is repeated from almost every pulpit in Christianity, its reality is often found wanting.

I spent this previous weekend with a gathering of about 30 Jesus Followers who put the reality of that statement into practice. The event, called Searching Together, was having its 21st Gathering to practice allowing Jesus to lead a gathering of His people without the need for intermediary leadership. It was my first time either attending or participating and participation is the essence of the gatherings.

From a teenager to the septuagenarians who attended, everyone participated in sharing the life of Jesus. Gender, age, and background held no constraint on participation. Significantly, every person was able to share, encourage, and empower everyone else. Stay-at-home moms, former pastors and missionaries, HVAC installers, nurses, IT workers, and a plethora of other experiences all functioned as priests, counselors, brothers, sisters, friends, and conduits of Jesus. While my friends Jon and Dotty Zens hosted the event, they too deferred to our unseen King while hosting the gathering.

Sitting in the round, facing one another, a statement would be read to start the conversation at each session and then a free-flowing, passionate, dialogue would ensue. The goal: to both express and bring glory to Jesus. At times, silences would occur but these were resolved spontaneously without the need of a moderator. In a room full of people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, a consensus and desire for unity permeated each session. Expressions of vulnerability, guilt, chagrin, and failure were met with compassion, love, and encouragement. Those who offered wisdom, acceptance, and grace did so with humility. A general sense of unanimity and collegial rapport prevailed throughout the weekend.

If you and others with you desire to attend this event, please let Jon Zens know by email,, or phone, 715-338-2796. The cost is $150/per person, which includes 3 nights’ lodging, and 6 meals. Registration starts at 3pm, dinner at 5:30pm, and an evening session at 7pm.

Hope to see some of you as we gather around Christ our Savior!

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