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Years ago we were in a gathering of saints where Christ blossomed in a totally unexpected way. His presence was for sure not connected to any human planning or human leadership. This group met in an old school building. That morning everything went wrong. People were standing outside on a cold, damp morning and waited for the janitor to show up with the key ― forty minutes late. Then, once inside, it was discovered that no one had a key to open the storage room that contained the chairs, … [Read more...]


The Day I Met Jesus – A Book You’ll Want to Read

The longer I read the New Testament, the more I see how much revelation there is in it about women. Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth have given us deep insight into the lives of some key women who encountered Jesus in their new book, The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels. After the reconstructive narrative of each woman follows helpful material concerning issues raised in the stories, such as "Jesus and Women," "Jesus and the Pharisees," and "A Tale of Two … [Read more...]